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For her 24 years of age Mery has a definitively provocative behaviour. What signalled us that she would fit well in our London escort agency was her ability to ballance it all.

At first we thought she was too young to take the job seriously and responsibly. As the interview progressed, we slowly figured out we had been terribly wrong to even let that thought come to us.

This diva turned out to be a real discovery! She knows how to take up any single role. Knows perfectly well how to behave and how to predispose people. With thick black hair and quizzing black eyes, she is a wonder by herself. A few times we tried to provoke her to see what kind of reaction we would elicit from her. But we ended up pleasantly surprised when each of our attemps was quickly put down. She would say:

“I like the fact people think I'm inexperienced and understimate me for my age. I like it even more when I prove what I'm capable of. My clients are the best judges of how well I do my job.”

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Mery London Escort
Mery Escort London
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